The Altar Rosary Society was the original caretakers of the church, making sure that it was cleaned.   Many women of the church would come in and sweep, mop, dust, change the holy water weekly, replace burned candles with new ones and wash the linens.  After the Altar Rosary Society disbanded, the women continued to clean the church, but soon there were only a handful available to clean.


In October 2008 of 2008, Fr. Chris Welch, pastor, decided that as parishioners (women and men) needed to take ownership, which included cleaning the church every week. A group of men and women were formed into four groups, so that each week one group would come in and clean the church, making it less of a burden on a few.  Fr. Chris came up with the name “Saintly Sweepers”.


As with all groups, we are always looking for new people to join and to continue to keep Jesus’ house of worship clean. We are also looking for people who can volunteer to help during the Christmas, Holy Week and Easter seasons. Anyone interested in joining, may call the Parish office.  


Current Schedule