As a member of St Paulís choir, you have an opportunity for 🎼joyful involvement within our parish. Youíre not just singing notes together, youíre doing life and ministry together. Your gift of song leads and enlivens the congregationís song and empowers our parishioners to better embody Godís word through music.


St Paulís choir encourages excellence in worship. The music we provide is comforting in times of crises, praising in times of joy, and inspiring in times of apathy. When we sing beautifully together, we can touch someoneís soul and help them have a moment with God.


Our choir is an extension of the pulpit. There are songs that teach, encourage, compel, and call to action, and the choir is indeed a marvelous mouthpiece for such things. Our choir takes on a pastoral role, especially in services with a missional focus or special services like those during Holy Week or the Christmas season.


We believe that St Paulís choir is a reflection of heaven. The prophet Isaiah gives us a glimpse into Godís throne room with angels singing together, ďHoly, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty; heaven and earth are full of His gloryĒ (Isaiah 6:3). When we see our friends and family in the choir loft singing in harmony of voice and spirit, we are momentarily transported (even if only in our minds) to the throne room of heaven.


It's exciting and it's rewarding to sing in our choir. To become a member of St. Paulís choir all you need is a love for the gift of song. If you play a musical instrument that's welcome as well! Itís been said ĎHe who sings well prays twiceí, so long as it is from love. We hope you will consider becoming a part of our beautiful ministry.